Ava S.

In Their Own Words: Ava S.

"My confidence has grown so much as a catcher and at the plate."

Hi, my name is Ava Sutera and I am 11 years old. I started playing little league softball at the age of 5, playing tee ball.

This is my second year of travel softball. I chose DiamondZone to get a new perspective on the game and my skill. I knew that my coaches would challenge me to help me get better and be a great softball player.

I really like the choice I chose because thanks to my coaches Brett and Scott I have a way better swing and I improved so so much with catching.

I came to DiamondZone dropping most of my third strikes and not being able to block, now I am catching way more balls and blocking way better. I can still improve a lot and I am ready to do that.

Even before joining the DiamondZone team, I took a hitting lesson with Coach Brett. In my next game following that lesson, I hit a deep in-the-park homerun!

I love that my coaches come up with new and fun ways for the team to learn and practice our skills. I also loved that during the catching clinic a UConn catcher, David Christoforo, helped me and did drills that made me better.

My confidence has grown so much as a catcher and at the plate. This is my first year with DiamondZone and I am not leaving anytime soon!

Ava Sutera

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