Brandon Stevens

In Their Own Words: Brandon S.

"My coaches believe in my abilities and help me believe in myself."

I haven been playing baseball since I was 5. I started playing taking hitting lessons with Brett when I was 9 years old.  I enjoyed going to these lessons because Coach Brett made it fun while helping me develop my swing. 

As I kept going to these workouts I started learning new skills from Coach Tim and Coach Pete that helped me become a better all around player. 

After Little League I knew I wanted to play for DiamondZone because all the coaches were knowledgeable and had a lot of experience coaching.  I knew I would learn a lot. 

As an athlete my confidence has grown a lot because Coach Tim, Coach Pete, and Coach Jay have given me the opportunities to develop my skills in different positions, such as pitching and playing third base. 

My coaches believe in my abilities and help me believe in myself. 

My most favorable experience has been building positive and strong relationships with all the coaches at DiamondZone, as well as my new teammates, while learning new skills and developing as a player!

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