Chris Cretella

In Their Own Words: Chris C.

"DiamondZone has also helped me grow as a person."

My love for the game started at 4 years old hitting off of tees on the little Diamond. Now, I’m 13 on the big field hitting and catching.

What DiamondZone did that caught my attention was them letting me use their facility whenever I wanted as long as no other teams were there. This meant a lot to me because it is right across the street from the middle school and the high school so after school I can walk over and work on my game.

A big reason why I chose DiamondZone over other places was because of their focus on hitting which was one of the weaker parts of my game. Now from the continuous repetition of drills, my hitting has excelled beyond my expectations and for that I thank them.

DiamondZone has also helped me grow as a person. They helped me a lot with my shyness and being very quiet. The person who helped the most with this was Coach Brett. Almost every practice when I would walk in he would joke around with me by saying, “Hi, Chris” in a higher toned voice to almost make me have to answer back. He also helped to improve my overall catching skills. Another coach that impacted me was Coach Pete. He has helped me a lot with my flaws in hitting. I remember all last year we worked on staying back and not lunging forward. This one particular thing stuck out because it has improved my hitting with that one change alone.

I hope to continue working with Brett, Pete, all the coaches and my teammates at DiamondZone as my baseball career continues. I know their knowledge and expertise will help me reach my goals.

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