Gioia S.

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"DiamondZone's programming isn't 'cookie-cutter.' It is tailored towards any athlete that wishes to make career-long habit changes."

Our daughter, Gioia, LOVES softball! She has been playing several years now and once we found DiamondZone she knew she was home!

From experience, what separates the DiamondZone program from other programs is their training. The training Gioia has received in her first 18 months have allowed her to play at a level we didn’t think was possible so soon and catch Varsity level pitching with confidence.

Gioia has aspirations of playing at a higher level and the DZ programming is definitely geared towards the committed athlete. Her coach Bri, along with Brett and Pete, are constantly holding her and her teammates accountable only because they want the very best for them. Due to this, she is not afraid to put in the time to become the best catcher and teammate she can be. 

DiamondZone’s programming isn’t “cookie-cutter.” It is tailored towards any athlete that wishes to make career-long habit changes. Each athlete needs to work on different areas of the sport and the specific training has significantly help Gioia improve upon her weaknesses. Practices, private lessons, clinics, and the overall environment at the facility meets the specific needs and wants of each individual.

They care about every single person that walks through DiamondZone doors whether it be an athlete, parent, or sibling and take the time to get to know each and every one.

We feel the social benefits of playing softball will benefit Gioia through her life. Playing softball at DiamondZone teaches structure, discipline, and accountability. Our family believes physical sports builds strong bodies, minds, and helps our children deal with all the stresses of growing up.

We feel DiamondZone, unlike some other travel softball organizations, gives back so much to Gioia… the coaches strive to strengthen ties and sportsmanship in our daughter.  Gioia has also been given the opportunity to build amazing friendships at different age levels, which we hope will last a lifetime.

All of this was gifted to Gioia the day she was accepted on the team. 

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