Melanie C.

In Their Own Words: Melanie C.

"All of the coaches that have taught me are not just coaches. They are coaches that care about you and you personally."

DiamondZone (DZ) has taken my core softball skills to a new level and I look forward to continuing to develop and grow at DZ over the coming years.

When I was younger, I played Little League and then moved on to travel. I was happy for a few years at other travel programs and then I knew it wasn’t right for me and I needed a change. I needed a program that helped player’s development, had former college players as coaches, and a place that cares about their athlete’s overall success. DZ was recommended by a friend and I think coming here was the best choice I have made in my entire softball career.

As I have grown as a player and a person at DZ there have been many things that have stood out making the experience enjoyable and worthwhile.

All of the coaches that have taught me are not just coaches. They are coaches that care about you and you personally. They guide you, support you and give you constructive criticism to improve as a player. They demonstrate that they are interested in your growth, progress, and learning from your failures. They are there for you when you have a bad at-bat or a bad inning in the field. They explain what you have done wrong and how to improve by correcting your mistakes and telling you how to make them better. Leading you to excel in your performances as they understand that you can succeed. Not only the coaches but also my teammates. They are there to pick you up and they are always by your side. We help one another as we play together and try our best to succeed.

All of my coaches are and have always have been great, however, 2 stood out to me the most at DZ. First, I would like to acknowledge my head coach, Bri. She has been an amazing coach throughout and is always there for my team and me. She supports us, corrects us, and most importantly cares about our team. She shows us that at every practice and game that she attends. She displays her passion for her love of coaching and she knows our reachable potential. Another person I would like to recognize is Brett. Whether he is at our games, practices, or having a private lesson he is always engaged in the activities. He believes in his players and knows what we can accomplish and gets the most out of us. He pushes us to go the extra mile to do our best because he knows we can. His motivation helps his players succeed is well shown and presented in his actions.

Without all of my coaches and teammates over my softball career, I don’t know where I would be today but most definitely, I know I would not be this successful. Throughout my time at DZ I have grown more than I would have at any other organization. I know this was the best choice I made for myself and I am very happy with where I am today. I would like all my coaches to know that I appreciate all of the hard work that they have done to help me succeed. I would also like to thank my teammates for always having my back.

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