Bronco Frigo

In Their Own Words: Nick “Bronco” F.

"I am grateful for DiamondZone because they saw what I could be instead of what I was."

The reason I chose to play for DiamondZone is because they have a lot of great coaches and amazing players. I am grateful for DiamondZone because they saw what I could be instead of what I was. Some places were saying I was not good enough, so I was motivated to try as hard as I could in order to prove them wrong.

Coach Brett, Coach Griff, Coach JT, Coach Nick, and Coach Pete, along with my amazing team and friendships, make the DiamondZone a place that feels like family.

Athletically and personally, I have developed a lot from when I first started. I can throw much more accurately than I could before. I have become more athletic, and it feels great to be able to run faster and longer.

Personally, I have made so many friendships over the course of 5 months. All my teammates have welcomed me to the team and did not care that I was new. I think the most influential coach there has been Coach JT because he always tries to improve me and my teammates. I love the fact there is a set plan to do our job and to get better yet we still have fun in the process. Coach Brett always says, “Wins will come if we are focusing on doing the drills correctly,” and I believe it. Some other coaches who have helped me a lot were Coach Griff and Coach Brett because without them, I would not be playing baseball.

I also love how DiamondZone has an indoor facility so I can practice in the winter or when it’s raining, and how my brother, Grandfather, and I always have a place to play and to work on our skills.

I would like to thank all the coaches and players, as well as my parents and grandparents for supporting me and coaching me at DiamondZone. I know these things could not be done without everyone’s help along with my willingness to get better. I look forward to seeing what my team and I can do this year.

Thank you,

Nick “Bronco” Frigo

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