Olive D.

In Their Own Words: Olive D.

"DiamondZone is a wonderful place to have fun but also learn and improve your skills in softball or baseball."

This is my first year playing for the 12U DiamondZone team. Softball started for me when I started playing t-ball when I was 5 years old. I continued with my town´’s rec softball program until I started to play 10u travel. This is my 4th year playing travel softball. My main position in the field is pitcher but I also play right field and I love to hit.

The first time that I met Coach Brett was at my tryouts, and he helped me to improve my swing that first day. He had already taught me so much and I knew that I wanted to play for DiamondZone right away! From my first practice at DiamondZone we did drills that I have never done before and I could tell I was improving so much. Every practice since we continue to improve with drills. Coach Aimee and Téa always help us to reflect and improve on what happened during the weekend’s games.

In pitching I have 4 pitches, fastball, 2-seam, change up, and drop. My pitching coach, Bri, has been a huge help making me faster and improving my mechanics. She has helped me to learn how to mix up my pitches and throw inside and outside pitches. In games our assistant Coach Scott calls the pitches and has helped me be more confident with throwing them in games.

DiamondZone has helped me improve in numerous ways, especially in hitting and pitching, all of the coaches at DiamondZone have motivated me to work hard to continually improve my skills.

DiamondZone is a wonderful place to have fun but also learn and improve your skills in softball or baseball. All of the coaches that I have encountered have helped me improve in some way. Not only have I learned so much from the DiamondZone coaches, but I truly feel like we are a family and I am so happy and lucky to be part of the DiamondZone program and I wouldn’t want to play for any other organization. I am honored to be chosen to be the DiamondZone Player of the Quarter!

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