Payton Hebert

In Their Own Words: Payton H.

"I have seen myself gain so much more confidence through DiamondZone."

I chose to play for DiamondZone at first just because it was local, and I wanted to play with some of my friends who I would play high school with. From what I had experienced from doing some Winter workouts at DiamondZone through my high school team, I loved the bond the coaches had with the athletes inside out of their program, and I liked the idea of being a part of it.

Fortunately, being a part of DZ has met my expectations and exceeded them in every way possible. I have never felt more bonded to any coach that I have had in any sport than I do Brett and the other assistant coaches. All of the coaches genuinely put time in with each and every player to form a personal relationship and build a comfortable environment for playing softball, and they all care about your success inside and outside of the program.  

I have made so many friendships through DiamondZone that I hope to keep, and build more of, as my time in the program continues. I have seen myself gain so much more confidence through DiamondZone. I used to be the type of athlete that would beat up on myself because of mistakes and push myself too hard. Through the help of my coaches, especially Brett, I have learned to be a little lighter on myself, and that the game doesn’t have to be taken so seriously. I have learned it is okay to laugh sometimes, and that it is about progress; not perfection.

This has helped my performance as an athlete, too.  Especially as a pitcher, where I would overthink mechanics way too much and be unsatisfied with my performance. I found the best games I pitched were the ones when I just let the game come to me. And these are the lessons and memories I will carry with me throughout my whole life, softball or not. I will always remember the kindest and friendships I have created at DiamondZone. 

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