Shelby B.

In Their Own Words: Tiffany B.

“What sets the DiamondZone apart from the other travel teams that I researched is that the DZ reinvests in the athletes.”

My daughter, Shelby, has been playing Little League softball since she was six years old.  This is her first year playing at the travel level for 12U.  Shelby started with DiamondZone this past Fall of 2018 and after just a few months of being with DiamondZone Shelby’s skill and ability level have improved immensely.

Shelby’s attention, focus and knowledge of the game are remarkable and that is without a doubt due to the coaching staff at DiamondZone.  Brett Bradanini and Coach Jim Petinito are a dynamic pair in teaching these girls the game of softball through their creativeness and developing drills that keep their attention and make them think at all times.  There is no standing around.

The coaches always have Shelby on her toes and make it fun for her.  The knowledge and expertise of the DiamondZone coaches when it comes to the game of softball is tremendous and they really take the time with the players and the parents for a great experience.  Very thorough with schedules and good with communication to the parents.

What sets the DiamondZone apart from the other travel teams that I researched is that the DZ reinvests in the athletes.  The DZ’s dedicated programming allowed the athletes to be introduced to specialty vendors, such as: arm care specialists to focus on injury prevention and a Women’s Empowerment & Self Defense class all included.  The DZ is determined to make these players the best they can be on and off the field through a very positive experience.  In the August 2018, we were exploring which program fit our daughter’s needs and we are happy that we found the DiamondZone.

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