Tori Heaphy

In Their Own Words: Tori H.

"All of the DZ staff has essentially become family members to me."

To me, being a DiamondZone athlete means not only having physical skill for the game, but mental skill as well. Playing for the organization has given me the opportunity to enhance my abilities as a softball athlete both physically and cognitively. Unique to other organizations, DiamondZone offers classroom instruction in addition to its field instruction. Classroom was initially something new for me, and I feel I have reaped many benefits from it. This teaching approach implements in-game strategy before the actual in-game situation. It has made me a smarter player and improved my knowledge of game scenarios and strategy – whether it be what to do with runners on base from a hitting standpoint or choosing the right pitch to throw at the right moment on the mound.

I personally admire the small group/individual training DiamondZone offers its athletes. The staff of knowledgeable coaches at DZ tailor to each athlete to ensure their complete understanding of every facet of the game. Each individual coach provides so much knowledge of the game and so many drills for athletes to take home at the end of the day. They are always pushing athletes to improve themselves.

All of the DZ staff has essentially become family members to me. Throughout my time playing for the organization, I have developed friendly relationships with all of the coaches. DZ provides a welcoming atmosphere, a place for working hard and having fun while doing it. The unconditional support I have received from all coaches at DiamondZone has allowed me grow mentally and physically in the game and has given me the confidence and skills I need to be successful.  

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