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In Their Own Words: Wild Bill

"This single experience has changed him as a player."

Our son has always played Little League and after his first year in the Majors he wanted to play somewhere more competitive. We had known a couple of people who had played for DiamondZone and had nothing but great things to say about the program. Brett was willing to give our son a chance to try out for his 12 year old team even though our son was a little younger. Our son ended up making the team.

This single experience has changed him as a player. He was so excited to have made the team. He had new confidence that we had never seen before.

Brett and his staff have been more than willing to take our son into their baseball family and that is what we feel like this program has more than any other a true sense of family. You walk into the facility and there is a sense that the coaches who work there truly love what they do and want each and every kid to be the best they can be. They have the ability to be tough when they need to be but also be so positive and encouraging. They understand life happens, things come up and are willing to work with you to provide the most enriching environment where a kid can develop his skills and gain that confidence to be the best they can be.

The biggest reason we stay is the look on my son’s face every time we say it is time to go play at DiamondZone. It is pure excitement.  Since playing there, he has become a different player. He has improved in all different areas of his game. He is so proud of himself. He loves meeting different players from different towns and being part of something that challenges him. Our overall experience has been nothing but positive. We love Diamond Zone and are so lucky that Brett had given our son this opportunity.

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