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In Their Own Words: Melissa M.

“A little over a year ago I vowed to never step foot in DiamondZone.”

The first time I went to DZ was the day my son was cut from a baseball team. I assumed these guys were only in it for the money, and who you knew would be more important than what you knew. Wow, was I wrong!

I have two sons who love and play baseball. They are completely different in terms of personality, experience, ability, and self confidence. A one-size-fits-all coaching technique would not work for them. At DiamondZone, each player is recognized, treated and coached as an individual. The staff is gifted at assessing an individual player’s needs and adjusting their coaching style to best meet those needs. At the same time, they teach teamwork, and the importance of sportsmanship and respect. Each coach knows and cares about the person, not just the player. They are interested in each player beyond athletics: how they’re doing in school, how their family is, what did they do for fun over the weekend? It seems trite to say DiamondZone is like a family, but it truly is. I send my boys there because I know it is a safe, instructive, fun environment run by people who sincerely care about them.

My younger son was in his last year of Little League at that time and by the end of summer, he doubted his ability to contribute to a team. He was transitioning to the big diamond and was lacking confidence. Not a great combination. He started taking hitting and pitching lessons at DZ. We saw immediate improvement in his swing and his pitching, and just like with his brother, his confidence improved. His transition to the big diamond was made seamlessly.

DiamondZone worked a great deal with my older son, whose biggest obstacle is a lack of confidence. He has stated he’s felt “too far behind” and “not good enough.”  I had my son hit with the DZ instructors, they made adjustments to his swing, and boosted his confidence. After a few sessions with them, my son said he could not believe the improvement in his hitting. I could not believe the improvement in his confidence. As he kept working, my son was determined to play again. More importantly, his confidence and joy had returned.

I started going to DZ because I was desperate to do something for my son, who  was crushed. I’ve stayed because the staff there truly cares about my kids, and all of the athletes. The goal at DZ is to develop athletes into better players, and more importantly better people. Respect, commitment and teamwork are emphasized and always expected. The kids are taught to work hard, and the coaches will push them beyond their comfort zones. And this results in higher skilled athletes with increased confidence, strong work ethics and respect for others.

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. One of the hardest and most painful experiences for my son led to our fantastic, continuing relationship with DZ. I can’t imagine not having these people in our lives. At DZ, you’re truly a family.

A year ago, I was misinformed about DZ and unaware of its staff’s true mission: the betterment of athletes, both on the field and in life, through dedicated coaching, instructing and mentoring. Today, my boys are better players and people because of their experiences at DiamondZone. Sending them there is one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. We are so grateful we are a part of the DZ family.

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