Welcome to the Lab

This takes pitching to a whole new level.  We all have taken pitching lessons, but what if we can offer you more?

Data Day

Focused on pitch design and efficiency.  Data tells a story, your specific story, let us program to fit your pitcher profile.  Nothing about this is cookie-cutter

Functionality Day

Here we try and improve on an athlete’s stability and range of motion.  We screen the athlete initially, then program it specifically to each athlete. 


Film Analysis

We break down film on an individual basis to help maximize the athlete’s growth.  Film helps the athlete visually understand which areas need improvement.


Strategy Sessions

We too often focus on physical components of the game.  Here, we dive into the mental side and master the art of pitching, sequencing, and much more!


Each athlete will receive:

 Resistance Bands
 DZ Pitching Lab t-shirts 
– 2 reports (beginning and end)
Pitching Lab notebook focused on holding athletes accountable. 

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