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Training - Website

Standard Lessons​

We have different instructors focusing on all the elements of baseball and softball. Pitching, Catching, Hitting, Slapping, Fielding - you name it! Our 1 on 1 environment provides the greatest return on investment.

Price (60 Mins): $ 85.00
Price (30 Mins): $ 55.00


Technology Based Lessons​

Measure to master! Reap the benefits of using a Hit Trax, VCam software, and Rapsodo to track progress and monitor your athlete's growth. Each athlete receives their own player profile and gets a breakdown of their report after each session.

Price: (60 Mins): $ 125.00​

Film Analysis - Website

Online Video Analysis

Send us your in game videos and let our staff break down the tape for you. We evaluate hitting, fielding, pitching and catching film with a detailed voiceover analysis.

Price: $ 25.00

You train with us. Now play with us.

We promise, our teams are something you want to be a part of.

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