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Come see our state of the art facility. At the DiamondZone, we have 3,400 square feet of turf space that can be designed to fit your needs. Explore our wide variety of resources, such as: teams, college advising, clinics, and more!

How It All Started

Founded in 2016, DiamondZone was started by two Quinnipiac Alumni. Tim Binkoski and Brett Bradanini have played and worked in the baseball space for years and came together as a team in 2014.  Collectively, they gained experience in every area of baseball training: hitting, defense, pitching, and catching.  DiamondZone is aptly named for the work that went into their experience and the company: Zoning in on their goals.

How We Work

Providing you the essentials to perform

Partners, Not Clients

Successful player development is never made in a vacuum. We work as one team with the athletes to create an atmosphere people love to be a part of without the big reveals.

Outcome, Not Output

Too often we focus on the end result and not the journey that we take to get that result. We are focused on moving the needle on partner goals.

Unique Programming for Growth

Cookie-cutter solutions lead to short-term results. Our instructors build for sustainability and evolve with the times.

What Makes Us Different?

In our years of being around sports. The countless hours spent grinding, staying hungry. Of all the words of encouragement. One concept remains true: Emotional Intelligence. Our understanding of how athletes think and how to get the most out of them allow us to communicate with all types of personalities. It helps us design something specific to the athlete and their needs.

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Partners, Not Clients

Outcome, Not Output

Programming for Growth

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